In the summer of 2011, the team behind Sourcing OK decided to take a closer look at their branding. They had a fantastic business model in place alongside some loyal clients already.

Whilst their business functioned very well for their existing contacts, they felt that the aesthetics behind the brand needed to be enticing to new prospective clients, and represent the brand in a visually suitable way.

Given that there was a tight time scale from concept phases through to delivery due to the launch date – The Sourcing OK team knew that they could call on our creativity, and understanding of their industry to deliver an appropriate logo to help visually define their brand.

We instantly got to work on creating some concepts for them, and are pleased to say that that our favourite one of them struck a chord instantly. We decided to flip the word OK on its side, and turn it into a mascot.[singlepic id=1116 w=320 h=240 float=center]

This was refined and became the logo which can be seen on all of Sourcing OK’s print and online media as shown on their homepage below.
[singlepic id=1113 w=320 h=240 float=center]

We were very happy that we had introduced the element of a logo/mascot that was entirely integrated into the design, and so were the team at SourcingOK. in their own words:

We were so happy with their level of service and creativity that we soon commissioned a new logo for a second website:, with the additional request for professional photo shoots on the products to be showcased

For this next project, we wanted to create a logo which was interesting, and incorporated the lanyard itself into the design. After working on a few different concepts, again the design was refined with a last couple of touches, and we had a finished logo. The idea of this logo is that it should be easy to read, relevant, and playful. We are very happy with how it turned out.
[singlepic id=1114 w=320 h=240 float=center]

The next task we were set was to produce high resolution retouched images of lanyards across their entire range. This meant we must photograph each lanyard in a similar setup position so that the photos would suit eachother on the site and look neat and tidy. We carefully photographed each product in the same position in our product studio, and then moved into our digital darkroom to produce the print ready images.

Our product photography can be seen all over the website, and the team have expressed their happiness that we were able to collect, shoot, retouch and deliver all of the photos within a few days.
[singlepic id=1115 w=320 h=240 float=center]

More recently we were tasked by Sourcing OK to come up with some new simple visuals to tie their business ideology into a visual representation. we produced a couple of other additional designs which covered the key points about how they operate, and these were promptly added to their website once we completed them.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Sourcing OK. They have understood the value that our work has added to their business, and they still consult with us on regular occasions for design work. Sourcing OK have become a very good customer, as well as a great business partner. In our experience in ordering products direct from China, their delivery to us was very fast, exactly what we had asked for, and delivered at a very competitive rate.

We have stayed in constant touch with the Sourcing OK team and are happy to hear that our aesthetics have been an integral addition to their fantastic customer service. A combination of all these factors is helping take them from strength to strength. They are definately a company to watch in the promotional merchandise industry!